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Instruction Manuals

User instructions for MICA Test Kits, MICA–Direct™ Kit, and MICA Software™ are available in PDF form.

Instruction For Use (IFU/English)
Instruction For Use (IFU/German)

View the symbols used in the MICA Instruction Manual and in MICA Software

Adverse Events

Report any adverse events that occurred using MICA Tests, MICA–Direct Kit, or MICA Software


For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Available in selected countries.

Customers are responsible for compliance with regulatory requirements that pertain to their procedures, use of IVD products and reporting results to relevant health authorities.

European Community Authorized Representative: MT Promedt Consulting GmbH, Altenhofstr. 80 66386 St. Ingbert Germany. Tel: +49 6894 581020

Contact Us

Contact Us


Clear Gene, Inc.
930 Brittan Ave
San Carlos, California 94070 USA
tel: +1 (415) 742-9100

European Community Authorized Representative

MT Promedt Consulting GmbH Ernst-Heckel-Straße 7 66386 St. Ingbert Germany
tel: +49 6894 581020

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